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Name:Magnus "Svadilfari" Anderson
Birthdate:Oct 1
Location:Laguna Niguel, California, United States of America
((RP account for Human SvaĆ°ilfari, the sire of the eight legged horse Sleipnir ))

Magnus 'Svad','SvaĆ°ilfari', 'Workhorse' Anderson


Svad is an intelligent and usually quite man. He can often be seen caring for the animals of the 'Sirkus', working the horses and doing the occasional heavy lifting but he does this all in silence. With his friends he is much more open, and with a very small few he shares his intense love for Norse Mythology and vikings. His eyes light up when talking about his favorite myths. When approached with the question of why he has two names, he usually laughs and says "My name is Magnus but the Ring Master has dubbed me Svad...I don't know why." He likes his job, dedicating himself to completing any task given to him by the Ring Master and ensuring the safety of the Sirkus' animals. On matters of love Svad really doesn't notice women, and usually says he is an 'asexual' since he feels no particular attraction to anyone. In truth, he hasn't found someone he can see himself dating or spending his life with. For now he is content caring for his animal friends, and helping the family he has made in "The Circus of New Life." Svad is also known as an untamable man....

Telepathy and Empathy
Svad has a unique gift for communicating with animals. It helps him train the horses and other animals at the 'Sirkus av nytt livet' or 'Circus of new Life'. He has a special connection with all the wild life, the horses in particular seem to be drawn to him and he in turn understands their needs.

He is incredibly strong, which accompanied with his 'No stopping' attitude earned him the nickname 'Work-Horse'. He uses his strength to help carry incredibly heavy equipment, or wrestle the occasional unruly guest in the Big Top.

Intelligence in Myth
Svad is very knowledgeable when it comes to the Old Norse Myths. His particular favorites are the ones of Loki and his brother Thor, he found them to be fascinating in the stories. Also, he can remember the names of all Loki's 'known' children, and he has even come up with some possible ideas as to how a horse can have eight legs.
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